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Foto di Laura Albano

I am a Women’s Rights activist.

My documentary, Women’s Bodies, gave an account of the banal and humiliating way women are represented on Italian TV. The documentary has received significant national and international attention – it has been watched by millions, and translated into six languages. From this, a movement that fosters and spreads awareness of women’s rights emerged, and it has proven to be a catalyst for social and political campaigns led by thousands of girls and boys. Beginning with the release of the documentary, Feminism took on a philosophy and practice of real inclusiveness, bringing the concepts of emancipation and rights to all women.
With my book, Women’s Bodies, published by Feltrinelli, I delved further into the theme of the media’s influence on our lives.
Alongside other activists, I developed the idea of an educational programme called, “New Eyes for Media”, which would introduce teenagers to an train them in Media Education as an tool for active citizenship. For the past seven years, I have dedicated my time to raising the level of awareness of how women are represented in the media. I trace the division of the male and female ideals back to the representations we see on our screens. From this process, an essential guide to Media Education emerged, published by Feltrinelli and titled Without Asking Permission, as well as a course called “New Eyes for Media”. The course has already allowed thousands of students to learn Media Education, and become citizens that are more aware and knowledgeable about the issue.

Travel and encounters with other cultures have been a constant theme in my life.
I started travelling as a girl, and immediately understood that there were countries where it was easier for us girls to live. And then I tried to effect change at home, in Italy.

Member of the International Board of Advisors of Winconference, an international organisation for professional women.
An esteemed speaker for international conferences on the theme of female empowerment and women’s rights. A university tutor in Eastern Europe during the period of transition in the 1990s, and consultant and trainer on European Union projects.

Member of the Parliamentary Commission for the development of a Digital Rights policy document.

I was one of the first women to fill executive roles in large, multi-national organisations: I worked as Director of Marketing in Italy and Paris for years. In addition, I was responsible for Diversity Management and Female Leadership. I have worked as an entrepreneur, setting up a company that focussed on team building through sporting activities.

I have a Masters in Business Management and, after a period of study at Oxford and Munich, Germany, I received my degree in in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a thesis on Contemporary English Theatre. Theatre has always been my great passion; for much of my life I acted, sang and danced.
My activism has received many recognitions and awards.
I have a son, Alessandro, and a daughter, Eleonora.